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on-negotiable▓."At Tuesday's briefing, Rhod▓es warned the u▓pcoming U.S. administration against seek▓ing a new approach to the issue, calling such potential move "dangerous" a▓nd "destabilizing"."It's dangerous.▓ The risk of escalation in the Taiwan Strait is just a▓ flashpoint the world does not need r▓ight now. The United Stat▓es certainl▓y doesn't," Rhodes said.The se▓nior forei▓gn poli

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deliver a farewell add▓ress on Jan 10 ▓to reflect on his time in office and s▓ay thank you▓ to his supporter▓s, he said in an email ▓statement relea▓sed on Monday.O▓bama, noting that

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